The smartest wireless system to control your light
and your world

Internet of Things is here and we are working to be among the best to offer a complete solutions for lighting and objects around us.


“Smart devices” or “IoT devices” have already entered in our lives than we might think thanks WiFi, BlueTooth, ZigBee and many other tecnologies that are growing in the market. BlueLightLink (BLL) is a BlueTooth Low Energy system designed to make smart your lamps, and not only, also all the objects are around. BLL allows to create an open platform with high performance at low price.

BlueTooth LE MESH

While mobile phone companies were thus getting ready for BlueTooth Low Energy connectivity, many other companies came up with BlueTooth Low Energy enabled devices to connect with those mobiles. Heart rate monitors, smart watches and fitness trackers are the most prominent wearable BlueTooth Low Energy devices we see today. BLL works over Bluetooth Low Energy, implements a reliable, smart and robust MESH network and is compatible with any modern smartphone or tablet.


“BLL ONE” and “BLL PLUS*” are plain smartphone APPs for configuring and controlling BLL smart lighting networks.

How to start

DiBLL Feb 10, 2017

Buy BLL products

Choice product BLL that best suits your needs.

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Our APP “BLL ONE” is available on Apple Store and Play Store for iOS and Android devices.

DiBLL Feb 10, 2017


Setup all lamps of your network.

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Enjoy your BLL

Control your lamps.